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Generally speaking, agents who can cover a comprehensive 400 phone service usually have a certain scale and do better in terms of number resource richness, number opening and processing efficiency, renewal, and stable call lines. Here, the editor of Jinan 400 Telephone Handling Company will provide a detailed introduction to four common services: customer service outsourcing, number transfer, outbound call display, and ringtone production.
1. 400 telephone customer service outsourcing
400 telephone customer service outsourcing is a very important aspect of 400 telephone services, which refers to the complete 400 telephone system solution provided by the outsourcing service provider. On the one hand, the service provider provides the 400 telephone system, venue, and service personnel, and on the other hand, it is also responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the call center; Enterprise customers only need to submit their project requirements to outsourcing service providers.
Because call centers have the characteristics of dense personnel, high mobility, professional management, and high site requirements, many enterprises will choose to outsource customer services to professional call centers for the purpose of reducing costs and stripping their own non core businesses, and will pay corresponding remuneration according to the performance of outsourcing service providers in completing telephone consulting or Telemarketing. For enterprises, building call centers through outsourcing can save costs, allowing them to focus their manpower, material resources, and energy on core business aspects.
2. 400 number transfer service
When enterprises apply for the 400 number, each number will have a corresponding place of belonging, and enterprises can choose a suitable place of belonging nationwide. The policies and regulations for the transfer of 400 numbers may vary among operators in different jurisdictions.
Some jurisdictions allow transfer, while others do not. So, when applying for 400, if it is expected that there may be a transfer demand in the future, enterprises can communicate with the agent in advance to determine whether the agent's 400 phone service includes number transfer services, consult relevant policies for the location of the selected number, and match the allowed transfer location.
3. 400 external call display service
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the Implementation Opinions on Further Preventing and Cracking down on Communication Information Fraud, stating that only enterprises with a 400 number that meet specific conditions have the function of external call display, and the threshold for meeting these conditions is already very high, and ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises are basically unable to achieve it.
4. 400 number RBT production service
Enterprises generally hope to make their services more personalized and easily recognized by their customers, and the RBT function of the 400 phone is one of the means to help achieve this goal. Enterprise RBT can divert users' attention during the waiting process, effectively avoiding the boredom of users during the phone connection waiting process.
On this basis, enterprise RBT can achieve the purpose of enterprise promotion and introduction through customized RBT content. Good enterprise RBT content can give users a sense of business and standardization, leaving a good impression on users.
For enterprises applying for 400 phone calls, in addition to paying attention to information such as numbers, fees, and functions provided by agents, enterprises also need to keep an eye on the 400 phone services that agents can provide. A good agent can provide a one-stop matching 400 phone service, helping businesses save costs and energy. If you have any doubts or needs about this, please come to our website http://www.jnsll.com Consult!