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In recent years, enterprises in various industries have paid more and more attention to publicity. Many enterprises have spent a lot of money on advertising. Various publicity channels have emerged one after another. TV advertising, information flow advertising, outdoor advertising, subway advertising, elevator advertising and other publicity all need a lot of capital investment. Below, Jinan 400 phone application company will explain more related matters to you:
As is well known, the 400 phone number is also an important "investment" in a company's brand image, just like designing a VI image, creating an official website, or designing a beautiful business card or a eye-catching front door, all of which are aimed at improving the company's image.
Handling 400 phone calls can also achieve this effect. As a form of publicity, 400 phone calls bring great value and value to enterprises, and enhance their image immediately. For enterprises, investing in 400 phone calls is very cost-effective.
A good 400 number can make it easier for your customers and potential customers to remember, especially for companies that have applied for a 400 number, such as those in the catering industry choosing 400 * * 7777, the financial industry choosing 400 * * * 8888, and so on. By using a special number, it can leave a lasting impression on consumers, showcase the strength of the company's brand and enhance its image, and make your company spend a lot of promotional expenses on advertising, It can achieve better promotional effects and increase advertising returns.
In addition, once the 400 phone number is activated, it can be used for a lifetime. Enterprises do not need to frequently change numbers due to relocation or employee resignation, resulting in resource waste caused by the abandonment of phone numbers on promotional materials and saving operating costs.
The additional intelligent management functions of the 400 phone are very rich. Nowadays, many enterprises use the 400 phone to set up a "VIP dedicated line", as well as rich functions such as voice navigation guidance operation, enterprise RBT promotion products, timely reminder of leakage SMS, and call recording protection rights. This helps enterprises reduce labor costs, improve operation and service efficiency, and improve user service experience.
In addition, the 400 phone number comes from three major operators: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. The number is unique in the country and is a virtual phone. So no matter how the company's address or employees change, it will not affect the use of the 400 phone. Because the 400 phone has a management backend, enterprises can answer calls transferred through the 400 by binding their existing landlines and phones to the 400 backend.
If the enterprise expands in scale or encounters employee resignation, it will not interrupt contact with customers due to changing phone numbers; If the business development of the enterprise is getting faster and the demand for services is increasing, the 400 phone can also continuously solve the traffic problems encountered by the enterprise through numerous value-added functions. The number remains unchanged in response to changes, and the service keeps up without falling behind, fundamentally solving the worries of enterprises relocating and changing numbers. This is a prominent advantage of 400 phones.
So 400 phone is a highly cost-effective enterprise brand marketing product for enterprises! Come and consult quickly http://www.jnsll.com Go ahead and handle it!