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A boss who knows how to use a 400 phone must know that in addition to what was mentioned at the beginning, the 400 phone also has a very noteworthy feature - the SMS function. In an era when mobile message boards are almost dominated by app push, text messages are actually more attractive to customers.
There are many 400 phone partners who have continuously utilized 400 characteristic SMS services to customers for many years, winning praise in the market and laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development. So how does 400 SMS work? Below, Jinan 400 Telephone Handling Company will explain to you:
The 400 phone SMS function is mainly divided into three categories: hanging up SMS, leakage SMS, and incoming number SMS.
Hangup SMS
Many mobile phone users who have called 400 will receive a thank you message from the 400 number after hanging up. Application scenario:
After the customer hangs up the call, a thank you message is immediately sent to the customer's phone: "Thank you for calling the official service hotline of [* * Co., Ltd.] -400 *****. We serve you with a dedicated, dedicated, and professional attitude! If you need help, please feel free to call at any time
Presumably, any customer who receives such a text message after hanging up will feel a little warmth in their heart. Unconsciously give a thumbs up to the company's enthusiastic and meticulous service spirit, and leave a better impression of the company.
A small text message can quickly enhance brand image, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. It is a cost-effective business.
Leakage SMS
For unanswered calls, a reminder message can be sent to the designated phone number. Application scenario:
When a customer dials the company's 400 phone number but is not connected, a text message will be sent to the company's designated phone number: "{185 ************** called our company's 400 phone number at {11:30}, missed call, please contact us quickly." For companies that cannot answer 400 phone calls at any time, this feature is really needed. After every missed call, there may be an order, an important customer maintenance... The 400 call can help you avoid this situation!
Incoming call number SMS
For users who turn off caller ID display, a reminder message can be sent to the answering phone number from the calling number. Application scenario:
The official customer service hotline of * * * * company 400-9 * * is calling you, please answer as soon as possible. "Passionate self reporting always wins the favor of customers in the first time. Even if the user fails to answer the phone in a timely manner, they can still know that the company has called, leaving a deeper impression on the customer.
In short, companies using 400 phones reflect their service awareness and are a symbol of reputation and strength; It has played a very good role in the packaging and promotion of enterprises, and can be said to be a living sign of the enterprise; No matter how your company's address changes or sales area expands, the 400 phone number remains unchanged for life. Has your company's 400 phone enabled SMS function? Contact us quickly http://www.jnsll.com Come and open it!