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How well do 400 phones understand you?
When you are a start-up enterprise, 400 telephone will standardize the management for you, accompany you to explore the market and promote the progress of the enterprise;
When you have achieved something in your development, 400 phone will stabilize your territory and serve every hard won customer.
400 phone knows you and how to cooperate with your development.
Every enterprise has different business needs at different stages of development. No matter at what stage, the "18 kinds of martial arts" of 400 telephone can give full play to its strengths and serve every demand of the enterprise.
1、 Save costs for enterprises.
The 400 phone can be quickly opened in one working day, and the phone can be bound on the same day to start normal use, saving time and cost;
The enterprise does not need to configure a special extension telephone for the 400 telephone. The extension can be directly bound to any number of the enterprise, including landline and employee mobile phones. Customers' calls can be directly transferred to the bound extension, saving the cost of the enterprise;
Enterprises that use ordinary landlines as the official service hotline often encounter the embarrassing situation of replacing the enterprise service hotline once they change their office location. Enterprises that have opened 400 phones do not need to change numbers even if they move, which saves the cost of changing numbers for enterprises;
The remote teleconference function of 400 telephone provides a channel for enterprise employees to communicate remotely, so as to avoid employees, especially during the epidemic or employees working in different places, running back and forth for meetings, saving a lot of time and labor costs for enterprises and employees.
2、 Help enterprises standardize management
400 telephone call recording and customer satisfaction survey functions help enterprises supervise and manage the work quality of employees, help enterprises establish a reasonable employee evaluation mechanism, standardize employee service processes, and improve customer satisfaction with the enterprise.
3、 Help improve employee productivity
When you open the 400 phone, you can enjoy various value-added functions of the 400 phone.
For example, IVR intelligent voice navigation function is like a warm guide to guide customers to corresponding employees and provide more accurate services. This not only reduces the waiting time of customers, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of employees.
4、 Help enterprises conduct market research
400 telephone's customer call analysis function helps enterprise managers understand customer needs and market trends in time. With such first-hand information, enterprises do not need to do similar market research alone.
5、 Help enterprises enhance marketing effect.
The purpose of enterprise advertising is to improve performance. The content of advertising is very important, but the communication number is also very important. The unified 400 number can enhance customers' sense of trust. In addition, the 400 phone supports multi-route incoming calls, and the automatic transfer function makes the enterprise phone never busy and busy, so that every customer with purchase intention can call the enterprise hotline to convert the cooperation volume
In addition, the announcement RBT function of 400 phone can accurately inform every caller of the marketing content that the enterprise needs, so as to help the enterprise achieve better publicity effect.
The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan 400 telephone application. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.jnsll.com

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